Dead Gum - Gainer

Dead Gum - Gainer
Dead Gum - Gainer
Dead Gum - Gainer

Dead Gum
Panagiotis Spoulos (Wham Jah, Reverse Mouth, also labelhead of Phase! in Greece), as Dead Gum, mainly uses guitar and voice through minimal effects to create instant songs, psychedelic collages and direct, stripped-down bursts. The music itself –partially improvised but fully psychographic– has anthropocentric characteristics and lo-fi character and flirts with punk, bedroom pop and analog noise. 2014 finds Dead Gum heavily working on his debut studio album under the title “GAINER”. Co-produced with Haris Zourelidis, “GAINER” includes more song-crafted gig highlights like “Dare” and “Afraid of Heights” and carries a new approach to the Dead Gum sound. His first take in high fidelity without compromising the signature erratic and edgy performance. 

Edition of:

• 250 copies Limited Edition 180gr LP w/ CD housed in gold metallic tri-fold jacket

Also available:
• 300 copies CD housed in silver metallic tri-fold jacket

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